Saturday, May 29, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

Big Plans?  Not for me.  Just the usual plus a little extra.  The D.O.G. must get the B.A.T.H. today.  Oh what fun.  I wish I could begin to explain the ordeal in words colorful enough to paint an accurate picture, but I'm not that smart.  You'd just have to see it.  Needless to say, from the moment I start the bath water to the moment she's freed from the evil torture chamber that we call "the tub", it's an adventure we like to call the Big "B".  Or maybe that's just what I overheard her calling me after her last bath. 

Oh well.  What's a few extra chiropractor appointments?  Right?

I sincerely hope (and plan) to have the stitching finished on the GPA Christmas slipper set this weekend.  It is very close and I think a couple more hours will do it.  A small happy dance will be in order, but I'll save the full tilt 'get my groove on' happy dance for when the set looks like a slipper.  Going to swing in to Jo-Ann's today to see if they have any fabric that will match the Crescent Colors Belle Soie Cranberry and Collard Greens I stitched it with.

Other than that, all I can think about is the oil in the Gulf.  I can't stand the thoughts of what this disaster is doing to our planet, wildlife, eco-system and people of the Gulf region.  At this point, I'm praying for a miracle.  I'm heart sick over the whole thing.  Why no disaster plan?  Why so long? Why? Why?  Make it stop.  Please Lord, make it stop.

And on that depressing note, I bid you a fond three day weekend.  Let's all take a moment to remember the men and women who fought and continue to fight for freedom.  

Freedom is not Free.

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  1. I can't figure out the oil spill thing either. Certainly they must have some sort of plans for disasters, but then again, maybe not! I am sick over this. I wonder just how long this oil could be spewing into the ocean? Heaven help us.