Saturday, October 3, 2009

Pumpkins Pumpkins EVERYWHERE

Can you hear Bubba (of Forrest Gump fame) now.....

"...they got little pumpkins, big pumpkins, white pumpkins, pumpkins for carvin', ugly pumpkins, pretty pumpkins...

...pumpkin pies, prize pumpkins, funny pumpkins, pumpkin dumplings...

...pumpkin bread, pumpkin fudge, pumpkin coffee, pumpkin ice cream, pumpkin butter......"  and yes friends, I enjoyed it all at the WV Pumpkin Festival today.  Sorry no, I didn't see any pumpkin etouffee but maybe next year (kidding!)  Wondering what one eats for lunch at a pumpkin festival?  Greek gyros, of course (hee hee).

Hubby tagged along this year and seemed to have fun too!   At the very least, I know he enjoyed the tractors on display:

Since I did so well in July at the WV Arts and Crafts Fair, I didn't shop the arts and crafts as hard as I would normally.  Not counting the fudge and pints of apple butter and pumpkin butter, it was a pretty light haul:

A couple of lampwork beads, a bundle of lavender sachets, some swan greeting cards, and a red pottery bowl and cup.  I also brought home a Longaberger deviled egg platter that somehow didn't make the photo. 

And in the spirit of Pumpkin Love, I'll leave you with a little pumpkin stitching: 

I'd invite you to click on the photo for a closer look, but I'm afraid you'd laugh your hiney off at my first and last attempt at making a pillow.  Yes, that "thing" in the lower right is supposed to be a mini-pillow.  Oh well.   It might be a little wonky, but I still love it.  The pattern was a Sekas freebie (I think) and it was my first foray with Caron Watercolours which launched a love affair that still burns bright today.

Well friends, that's all the news that is fit to print.  I'm off to clean out the SUV, catch up the laundry, bathe the dog and all the other "must do's" that will keep me from stitching today.

Hope you all are enjoying a gorgeous weekend wherever you are!


  1. I love pumpkins! Pumpkin bread is absolutely delicious. I have the October pattern but if you are finished with the All Hallow's Eve, could I borrow it?
    It seems like you both had fun at the Fair. Don't know if you'll be at the meeting tomorrow but if so I will see you then. If not, have fun in Pittsburgh! wish I could go.

  2. Perfect Bubba!
    Sounds like a great time, love the red stoneware. Cute pumpkin display. i am so slow this year with halloween stitching!

  3. What awesome pumpkins! I love the one with the watermelon crown - her make-up looks a bit like mine did when I got in the office this morning! That's what I get for putting it on in the car, in the dark, while I'm driving -shhhh... don't tell. Yep, do those three things and you end up looking like you work the corner for a living!

    Your Halloween stitcheries are really cute. I feel your angst with making pillows - not the easiest thing to do and a ruffle - OMG - so far beyond my abilities!

    The red stoneware is wonderful!

  4. Looks like a fun time! I am hoping to score some pumpkins this month... haven't seen any yet in shops. Love the stitching--and your finishing is very nice!