Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A penny, a plaid and a play-place

Just finished this little ditty - one of my chapter's education projects.  We've been having a lot of fun with our monthly education projects this year by exploring needlework from around the world.  The penny rug program was representative of American folk art.  I'd never tried my hand at these puppies before and must admit, it was a lot of fun!  Don't look too close, but I will point out that each "pile" or penny is composed of a small grey circle atop a red, atop a black.  Isn't it neat how the thread color makes each penny look so different?  I'm thinking of putting together a little OSU themed gift basket for my BMRTSA*, who was born in Ohio and thus has the scarlet and gray gene/affliction.

And, OMG, Mamma Mia, Mamma Mia, have you all seen the new Ginghers exclusively at Jo-Ann's?  For some unknown reason, they named this design "Mia".  I've seen all the other designer Ginghers and honestly, could pass.  HOWEVER, this little plaid pair was too much for me to resist.  But you want to hear the greatest part? You can use the 50% coupon.  That's right.  AWE-SOME! 

So, that's the penny and the plaid, what about the play place, you ask?

Hubby has started construction on his place o'manly things.  More exactly, the contractor has started digging and pouring and whatever else contractors do.

I'd say round about Thanskgiving time, he'll be hosting a ribbon cutting.  Let me know if you have any man-types who'd like to come!  Progress reports to follow.

*BMRTSA= best motorcycle riding, tattoo sporting auntie


  1. It turned out great! I love the different thread colors. It really adds a new dimension to it.

  2. Love your penny rug! I want to learn to do those someday. I think they are so pretty. Love the scissors!
    A man husband would be so jealous! LOL!

  3. Oh man, a man cave. My husband would be in hog heaven! Love the new scissors, and the penny project is fabulous!

  4. Aren't those wool pennies just addictive? And they make such a cute rug. I'm currently "thinking" about the next one I want to create :)