Sunday, April 26, 2009

Weekend wrap-up

It's 9:30 Sunday night. Where did another weekend go? Could Monday morning really be less than 10 hours away?

At some point this weekend, my patience finally ran out with the "punto gigliuccio" stitch. I'm making an executive decision and pressing forward, which translates to: I'm changing it. It will still be a drawn thread band and will look something like it should, but it won't be Italian but it will be d.o.n.e., soon.

On the 25th, Christmas stitching included precious little stitching on my NOEL band sampler (not enough for an update photo) but also a new start on black linen with red, white and green thread. It's a pretty small square design that might make a good biscornu. We'll see.

Maybe it's just Sunday night blues but my back hurts, my stomach is still grouching at me for eating too much after church, I didn't get much stitching accomplished, and the laundry room is a disaster. Whaaaaaaa! (Yes ma'am, I would like a little cheese with my whine, and another day off before Monday!)

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  1. Remember, it's 5 o'clock somewhere. Have a glass of wine. :-)