Friday, April 3, 2009

ALL ABOARD the Crazy Train

As I was busily readying myself for work at 5:00 this morning I had an innocent thought. Or so I thought. It occurred to me that I might actually finish my Assisi Peacock sampler before the Spring Stitchers Retreat in May.
The Background: The Spring Stitchers Retreat ranks in my top 5 favorite annual events, along with the Fall Stitchers Retreat, the Heritage Farm Stitchers Day Out, Seminar and Share-A-Stitch. It is the first stitcher's event of the year after the long cold winter and I count down the days like a kid counts down to Christmas. There are two schools of thought about the projects to take to Retreat. 1) Take everything you own OR 2) Debate for months about which projects will become 'chosen' and only take the special ones who make the cut.

For the past several, no, make that many retreats I've taken three different projects.
  • The Warm-up. It's the Friday evening project that you aren't really serious about, but while everyone is arriving and settling in, you stitch on it, but it doesn't require much concentration.
  • The Saturday Project is the one I want to dedicate the most time and attention to. The Retreat Ladies know, without a doubt, my Saturday is Peacock Saturday.
  • The Wrap-up. Sunday morning comes all too soon and it seems like it's time to pack up as soon as breakfast is over, so I like to try to put the first few stitches in a new project on Sunday.

WELL. This year, my retreat will start on THURSDAY, not Friday AND my Peacock might be finished long before retreat. DRATS. WHAT EVER WILL I DO??!!??!! Oh the possibilities started dancing through my head like visions of sugarplums. And wouldn't you know it, my stitching room is handily located adjacent to my laundry room, where I'm supposed to be ironing my outfit for the day. Hummmm. Let's just take a quick peek in that PHF*.

Needless to say, I forgot all about having a J.O.B. to go to for about 1/2 hour this morning as I pawed all the pretty things just waiting for me to start. And, all of them seemed to have their bags packed for retreat. Competitive little boogers.

I'll need to further ponder just how to structure my 4 day retreat, but I think I've pulled projects o'plenty to keep me busy, just in case I finish my peacock before then. 40 days and counting...

*Project Holding Facility

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