Sunday, March 8, 2009

Red Rover Ruler

Thanks go to Staci (again!) for sharing this great idea on her blog. I hardly ever think of taking smaller motifs from large pieces to create those wonderful smalls we all love so much. The flower motif is from Mary Garry's Forget-Me-Not sampler. I stitched myself a mini-ruler for the reverse. LOVE IT!!! I'll never be without a ruler again. And as long I need to only measure 3 inches at a time, I'll be fine. As soon as the new wears off, I'm thinking I should stash a couple of gold needles in it, for safe keeping.


  1. Very cute finish. Love the ruler on the back.

  2. How adorable, Marnie!

    I'm sorry about Cindy the Fish. :(

  3. Fabulous finish!!! I love the ruler on the back...that is just too clever (I may have to "copy" that idea, lol!!!)