Thursday, March 12, 2009

P is for...

PEACOCK, of course. Now, you are probably saying to yourself, "Not this chic with that stupid peacock, again!". I know it's hard to believe, but YES, it's me with this peacock again! It is the WIP I love to love so much. You may remember when we left off last, I was frogging and re-doing lettering because I felt it had too much pink in it. So as you can see below, lettering back in place with nicer, kinder, gentler color scheme. I'm leaving the pink in the plume, just because.

"Old Stitches of
Italian Embroidery "

When I complete the Assisi section, I'll post an overall shot, but not a minute sooner. I do want to share the progressive "top to bottom" with you but I figure I stand a better chance of getting some stitching done if I incent myself to stop typing and start stitching. Boy o boy, some days I'm more trouble than I'm WORTH!!!

I'm making great progress on my away game, the Dragonfly checkerboard. I'm within about an hour of finishing the horizontal rows, and I have two of the 9 vertical rows already done. Basically I stitched the outside perimeter, then started stitching left to right, right to left, so on and so forth. So, maybe after tomorrow, I'll just be stitching verticals. I know I'll be excited to see each square come to life as I stitch the verticals. Each block gets either a dragonfly or a filler stitch, so I still have a lot to go, but getting the grid done is, for me, the hard part because it's the boring part. Boring is the kiss of death in my WIP/UFO pile.

I've also had a lil' something something going on down in the stitching room. (Peacock lives upstairs). I wouldn't ordinarily be splitting my time so generously, but this lil' thing is committment stitching, and I'm enjoying it, and it's small, so it'll be done soon. As soon as I clip the last thread on it, I'm not looking up until I'm standing over this peacock at the frame shop!!!

Weather has taken another turn for the worse. They say more snow this weekend...Nice. Perhaps some quality stitching time will console me.

BTW, Lake Dave is down to two inhabitants. We are bummed.

Consider yourselves warned: there are going to be lots of boring peacock update photos from now until it's framed. I'm on a mission!

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  1. Oh, no! Did you lose another fish? David must be really bummed. You have my sympathies.