Thursday, March 5, 2009

O Happy Day (sort of)

Well today brings a mixed bag of fortune. For starters, hubby has gotten his truck back!!! For the most part, it's all better now. It may never run exactly like it did before, but at least it doesn't have a tree growing out of the middle of it!

The revenge:

The sorta sad news today is that I think we may be losing one of our four pond fishes. Although they have individual names, collectively we call them "the Brothers and the Sisters". Why, you ask? Silly people. Obviously, we had to explain these living beings to the d.o.g. somehow! So, they are her brothers and sisters (she bought it so don't tell her any different, k?). They live year round in the pond and have done so happily for several years. They hibernate (a.k.a. freeze) during the winter and thaw out in the spring. Well, we've had a particularly harsh winter and I'm afraid one of our big guys just isn't going to make it. With a heavy heart, I thought I'd spare hubby the pain of the actual removal, but when I scooped that big boy up, he started flipping around! So, now I don't know. Half dead is kind of like almost pregnant, but I think he's half dead.

Here are the active ones:

Pretty, huh? This is the same pond where the waterlilies bloom in the summer. Fred the Turtle has even spent some quality time in the upper pond (or his Jacuzzi as we say) with some lady turtle friends. A-hem.

What I'm saying is the pond is a source of joy for all of us and I hate to lose one of our guys, but, that is the circle of life; you win some, you lose some.

On a happier note, it's Thursday which means one thing. Grey's! The sorta sad thing about that is tonight's episode is a re-run. But hey, I could probably watch some episodes over and over again without ever getting bored. If you are a fan too, did you know Grey's has a blog? When time permits, I love to hear Joe the Bartender's take on the happenings at Seattle Grace.

Lastly, on the stitching front, all frogs have left the building and the lettering for my Assisi Peacock sampler has been re-stitched. It helps if I talk about it in the third person. Like someone else did it. Just humor me.

Happy pre-weekend to you all!

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  1. Hubby's truck looks brand new! Wooohoooo! I just love your pretty and peaceful looking.

    Pillows are plumped and ready for you, girlfriend! Come on over anytime! {{{{{HUGS}}}}
    Carolyn :)