Saturday, March 14, 2009

Free Willy Saturday

The call came just before 7 this morning.

Carrot answered, "Thank you for calling 'Lady and Carrot Rescue Service'. Lady can't come to the phone right now but if you're calling from the PHF, please begin speaking after the beep. BEEEEeeeeep."

(sniff, sniff) "Yes, hello, my name is Eliza Pinkerton Carnation, but my friends call me Pinky for short. I'm calling from the PHF and (sniff), I need your help. I used to be bright and beautiful, but my days have been dark and grey since the love of my life, Chocolate, escaped last month. (sniff sniff) I must be freed and find him."

Oh for Pete's sake Carrot, where's my cape?

Eliza's Pyn Pillow
With My Needle freebie

BE FREE little Pinky!!! Safe travels. May your days in Nashville be profitable!


  1. I love it!! (But here I go again, what is PHF?)

  2. PHF = Project Holding Facility (maximum security, Martha Stewart, under the bed storage box). Carrot was being held hostage there with his Weeks Dye Works buds, but for the most part you'll only find hard core PIGs (projects in a grocery sack) in the PHF. All of them completely innocent of the crimes they were convicted of, which is why I won't rest until they've all been rescued! (I'm going to lay off the crack, I promise!)