Wednesday, December 10, 2008

new WIP

Look at me, getting cocky. I guess I must think that just because I've finished one UFO/extended WIP (the wine bag) this year, I might as well knock out another. I kinda feel like Rocky Balboa, or whoever sang "Mama said knock you out!" I'm ON A ROLLLLLL sportsfans and actually ignoring all those pesky holiday responsibilities with ease. Who says therapy is a waste of money? Of course, when one is out of town, one feels like there is no tomorrow and is capable of stitching for two, three hours straight. Sadly, there is a tomorrow and I'll be packing tomorrow night in order to fly home Friday. Then, I'm sure my little bubble "O'fantasy" will be burst by the many prickly holiday responsibilities awaiting me. But, for now, I leave you with my latest UFO/WIP status report (Marion Scoular, 4 way bargello, peacock design):

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