Saturday, December 27, 2008

My 1st cube pinkeep

You must be thinking, No, it can't be true, she just finished like three things This MONTH!

I know!!! I'm wondering just exactly what is in that Jamaican coffee???

I got the one-nighter fever last night and dug this The Trilogy cutie called "Cardiology" out of my PIG* pile. All the stitching was completed, that's right, COMPLETED, in one evening. I'm pretty sure my new nickname should be Robo-stitcher. The finish work did not require any sewing (yeah!), just syrofoam, quilt batting, ribbons and straight pins. Many thanks to Hannah's wonderful online tuturial! I love the technique. I'm sure I'll be using it again!

This little cube is for a neice who's first language was sign language. Although she was born hearing, both parents are deaf. I'll be stitching another one just like it for her little sister. They are my XSDNs, extra special darling nieces (stolen from my husband's side of the family). I actually have 5 XSDNs, two in NC and three in TX. Next up on the stitching gift schedule is a Sekas dragonfly checkerboard for my favorite little cowgirls in Texas. Who knows, maybe I'll just stitch that up tonight! (how's that for optimism?)
*PIG=project in a grocery sack


  1. WOW!! Great job on your first cube finish. It sure doesn't look like a "first"! Great job!