Saturday, December 6, 2008

fun with Italian tassels

I ask, have you ever seen such Chunky-Funky tassels? I had the pleasure of learning these from a very sweet young Italian lady named Anna Maria at the National EGA seminar in Louisville several months ago. Although Anna Maria was just learning English, and very nervous, she was charming teacher. Meeting her was one of the highlights of my week in Louisville. The all ecru tassel is the "classic" tassel she made, with an "Amor" Deruta bead and kitchen string! Being the lover of color that I am, I picked a Watercolour that matched my Deruta bead and let 'r rip. If you are looking for an unusal, unique and beautiful Christmas gift for your BHTBFSFF*, check out Giulia Manfredini of Giulia Punti Antichi for a great selection of Deruta stitching accessories.
* Best Hard To Buy For Stitching Friend Forever
Footnote: if you make the time to share a bottle of wine with your BHTBFSFF, save the cork - it makes an excellent scissors tip protector!

1 comment:

  1. They are beautiful! You did such a good job. I tried to do some "italian tassels" as well, but just could not get the hang of it....Happy Holidays to you!
    Wendy H.
    Seminar 08
    Class mate