Thursday, August 2, 2012

The End...

Fair Warning:  this is not a happy post about needlework.  If you aren't in the mood for sad news, move on...

Dear Friends,

My four legged constant companion, Carmen, has been such a central part of my life for the past 12 1/2 years that I feel obliged to share the following.   The past month has been difficult for her, to say the least.  Age and arthritis were taking their toll while Mommy and Daddy were frantically trying to find the right combination of medication to make the age and arthritis tolerable.  Every medication seemed to make things worse, not better.  No medication at all made things much worse.  Ultimately, desperate for answers and the best diagnostics and medicine money could buy, we journeyed to Columbus OH where the MedVet staff and docs were so caring, thoughtful and thorough.  We got answers, but not good ones on Tuesday, 7/31.  Yesterday, Hubby and I made the hardest decision of our married lives (and that is saying ALOT!) to bring our girl home and bid her farewell.  Believe me when I say, we agonized over this decision but know it was the right one for our girl.  These are the hardest words I've ever written and I am only sharing because I've made Carmen such a fun part of this blog.  I hope to be able to blog again about silly things like craft fairs, tote bags, stitching finishes, and the like but it might be awhile... 

While my husband has three (human) boys from his first marriage, she was our only child.  His only "little girl".  We both are grief-striken and heart sick and will need some time to recover.. Twelve years is a long time, but, not long enough.

Together, we were 'The Fam'.  She was so special to us both...

Many tears...


  1. So sorry Marnie, I know how heartbroken you are now ~ wishing you peace in the coming days.

  2. Marnie,
    I lost my precious boy in December, 2011 at 13. I understand your pain but you did the right thing in freeing your daughter from her pain. It helped my grieving to plan to stitch a memorial project in Tauser's honor. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your husband in this difficult time.

    Karen in Maryland

  3. Oh Marnie...I'm so sorry. Sending hugs to you.

  4. I am so sorry. I know they are mere words, but they are truly heart felt. :)

    I will keep you and your family in my prayers.


  5. I am so sorry for your loss!!

    Hugs and prayers!

  6. So sorry...I never got to say good bye to "my brother" as I was away at college. He was my loving companion for 16 years. The pain will eventually go away and what will be left are the happy memories!

  7. So sorry for your loss, she will always, always be a part of you.

  8. Oh, dearest Marnie. There are no words. I am so sorry for your loss and hope that you and your husband will have peace and comfort in the days to come. Sending our love.....
    Coni and Stewey

  9. I am so sorry to hear this sad news about Carmen. Hugs to you and your DH during this sad time of grieving.