Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Mad for Plaid


How do you store your stash linen/aida/evenweave fabric?  Until recently, I kept all of the bigger cuts in one big pile in a basket.  A couple of months ago, I got tired of pawing through the whole pile everytime I needed a "28 count blue" or a "32 count green" so, to help sort the mess out, I decided to divide the stash into three categories:
  • Less than 28 count
  • 28 count, and, you guessed it...,
  • Greater than 28 count 
Originally, I thought I'd use those mesh vinyl zipper bags that we all use for WIPs to store them.  Then, I decided that it would be nicer to have pretty fabric storage bags with some kind of embroidered labels.  When I spied these plaids in my fabric stash, the idea sunk in and I was off to the races (after I said a short prayer over the electrified sewing machine, "Please Lord, don't let any innocent bystanders be hurt in the making of these bags...)..

plaid fabric storage bags
stem stitched felt labels

The two larger bags are about 13" x 18".  The smaller one is about 10" x 14".  I tried to coordinate label colors to fabrics the best I could without buying any new materials.  I wish the grey label was a darker shade of grey, but I really like how the stem stitch turned out, so I'm not about to do it again..(hate that stem stitch!)

After these three were done and dusted, I realized that I need one more for the Mystery Count.  I'm sure I have another plaid in that fabric stash... somewhere...


Have a great remainder of the week, friends..

And, thank you for your kind words, cards and emails regarding Carmen.  I cry a little less with each passing day...  Hugs!


  1. Hi Marnie, finally getting caught up with my blog reading. Just love your stitched plaid bags, great idea. I have a plastic rolling cart with 8 drawers where I have my ground fabric arranged.

    Also, wanted to express my sympathies on the passing of your little girl. Totally understand how difficult that was for you and your husband.