Friday, August 10, 2012

Olympic Stitch finish..


So proud of the US (athletic) delegation in London!  Not only did they represent the USA well in competition, it seems, from where I was sitting (on the couch in my living room), that they conducted themselves with class (publically, at least.....I don't want to know what went on in Olympic village...none of my business...).

Perhaps in four years, the politicians will stay in the stands and the athletes will be the only "spokespeople" in Rio... 

"Olde Glory"
by Heart in Hand Needleart (Wee One series)
fabric:  natural 25 count linen
threads:  WDW Americana & Liberty; floche 321 & B5200

I almost forgot to mention that I altered this pattern a tiny bit to make it "almost" square.  It looked a tad squished to me as it was.  I think I added 8 stitches to the overall height of the pattern, so if you look for the chart and think something is wrong, it's not.. It's just me, being crazy..tweaking things that probably didn't need tweaking..

Happy weekend friends!

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