Thursday, July 30, 2009

Lady Liberty WIP update

It's been pretty intense with the crown and halo (the 7 "spikes" coming away from the crown). They don't call it "counted" cross stitch from nuthin'. Lots of almost straight areas has made for some slow sledding, but I'm moving on the hair parts tonight with high hopes. I'm hopeful that I'll have her face done by Monday. Wouldn't that be exciting?!?!

Monday, July 27, 2009


And today's dog walk brought this:

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Day dreamin'

Ran across a disc of photos hubby took on one of his business trips to Italy. I could definitely conjure a few dreamy dreams with this one as the setting. Can you see the lemons on the potted trees in the far rear of the photo? (click on photo for better view) Can't you just smell them?
I'll have a dopio espresso and biscotti, per favore!
Here's hoping you have a dreamy week...

Saturday, July 25, 2009

And a good time was had by all...

Stitch-in After-glow......ahhhhhh, nothing like it. As I write this I'm sitting in the blogging chair completely content with my day. Had all my stitching peeps over for a full day of Christmas stitching, eating and general fun. But, like a dunder head, I forgot to get any photographic evidence! So, you won't be able to see how laden down the table was with scones, spreads, dips, cakes, veggies, salads and the like. You won't see how well all the ladies filled my stitching room and den. You won't see several of us laughing our hineys off at Fred Claus, the movie. And you definitley won't see me and my BPSFF* Debbie getting caught in the rain while walking The Carm! Did I say rain, make that a "Frog Strangler" or "Gauley Washer". This was no ordinary summer sprinkler. No sir. This was an all-out downpour. Oh well, all we could do was laugh! I can't remember the last time I got caught in the rain, so I guess I was due.

Even wet, I had a terrific day and think my girls did too. Let's do it more often ladies!

maybe not the rain part. :-D

*BPSFF= best presidential stitching friend forever

Thursday, July 23, 2009

SWAN song

I belong to a few different stitching organizations such as two chapters of the EGA, the online Shining Needle Society and the Utah based Swan Sampler Guild. I joined the Swans last year to be able to participate in a class for a Wendy White Lady's Companion project that will be simply stunning (one day). I rejoined this year because I have enjoyed being a part of the group so much! For just a couple of dollars a month, it might be one of the best valued stitching clubs out there PLUS the talent in this group is amazing.
Although they are based in Utah, they value their "away" Swans just as much as their local members. Just look what was waiting on me in my mailbox tonight:

Christmas in July gifts from SWAN Board

These cute owl scissors and mother of pearl acorn thread holder will be put to excellent use! Thank you SWANs of Utah! Any other SWANs out there East of the Mississippi?

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Random Mystery Give Away Winner....

The oracle told me the that 20 was my magic number in July, so from my July 20th post, I tossed my commenters names in a hat and pulled out.............................STACI!

Congratulations Staci, I'll be getting a little something out in the mail to you this week!

Many thanks to everyone who stops by to read a little about my corner of crazy. Special thanks to those who take a minute to leave me a comment. Each and every one brings a smile to my face!

Remember, I'll be doing a drawing every month between now and New Years. If you have commented on the "mystery lucky post", you will be automatically entered to win.

No purchase necessary, no obligation to buy, void where prohibited....

In other news, you all remember that Saturday is the 25th, right? Well, what are you waiting for? Dig out the UFO tree skirts, ornaments and stockings ladies...the fat man might still be on a beach somewhere, but the reindeer have just entered training camp!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Checkerboard Happy Dance

The looooooonnnnnnggggg wait is O.V.E.R. for my XSDNs* in TX.
My "Favorite Aunt" status has been hanging in the balance there for a little bit!!!!
Their Sekas dragonfly checkerboard is off to the framers tomorrow! For some reason, it has taken me longer than even I estimated, but done it is, and happy am I.

*XSDNs = extra special darling nieces

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Summer sunset

The sky was simply aglow last night. Had to stop for a quick snap with the trusty iPhone:

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Christmas nametag finish

Hello. My name is:

And I'm a stitchoholic.
(You say, "Hi Marnie")
Speciality threads and high end magazines are my weaknesses.
I love going to stitchoholic meetings, but must confess, I have no intention of quitting.
My sponsor seems ok with that.

You might notice that my new Christmas name tag has three Photoshop'ed packages under the trees. I intend to stitch a new package under the trees for every Christmas SAL (stitch along) finish that I finish. If my nametag counts, I need three packages to date. I need to plan it so there is PLENTY of room under those trees b/c I have Christmas stitching o'plenty to "get on". I also hope to be able to join my fellow Christmas SAL'ers at future Christmas SAL meetings and sport my fresh off the q'snaps nametag IN PERSON. So far, I've only been able to join them in spirit. Can't wait to host the meeting here at my home two weekends from now!

Won't you join me and Christmas stitch on the 25th of every month!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

It's Official...

We are officially on the down hill slope toward Christmas! It just hit me that half of 2009 is GONE! In the record books. Finito. Over. Bye Bye. Which means the days are getting shorter and fall will be here sooner than we think, to be quickly followed by snow and HO HO HO!

Just thinking about Christmas puts me in a giving mood. Hosting a Christmas in July stitch-in has also had me thinking a lot about Christmas lately. So, in the spirit of Christmas, I've decided that I'll have a mystery giveaway every month between now and Christmas. You won't know when it will be or what it will be. I'll ask the oracle at to tell me my lucky day for each month and one of the commentators (?) [persons leaving a comment] that day will receive a little present from Country Fried Stitches.

It's a real pleasure reading the comments you leave me and I pledge to do better about commenting on the blogs I enjoy as well. At last count, the list on the left was nearing 100!

Hope to hear from you real soon!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Things we love

What is it about these thorny little fellows that captivate so many stitchers, myself included?

We do love our thistles, don't we? There is even an online compendium of thistle patterns over at Thistle Needleworks.

Well, you can imagine my surprise when I discovered this wee one on the dog walk, not far from my house. I imagined they only grew in Scotland. I've walked this same walk with the dog for the past 10 summers and have never seen it before, so I believe it's a volunteer.

Ceud Mile Failte, little volunteer!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

My first ATC

I think I could really get into these little ATCs.

We are having a guest artist visit our EGA meeting tomorrow night to tell us more about this hot phenomenon in the fiber arts world. They are so small that you can't screw one up too badly (although my peacock feather is more than a touch "wonky"), and they go really fast.

I do think I'll try my hand at some more after I get a little commitment stitching done.

fun Fun FUN!

Friday, July 3, 2009

My "Fair Share" (photo heavy)

Well friends, I outdid myself at the MS A&CF today! First, let me set the stage. (cue the song birds) It was a beautiful morning drive through the foggy mountains of WV. I arrived at the fairgrounds around 9:30ish, Starbucks ingested and in full gear, shopping bags over my shoulder. The temperature was perfect, humidity low for the first time in months, gentle breeze blowing and plenty of clouds to buffer the summer sun. Deep breath in..........Aaaaaahhhhh.

Now, let's get down to business. THE HAUL (btw, before you see these pictures and think I've gone off the meds and my OCD has hit warp speed, I buy duplicates for presents for my all-too-fortunate sister and others):


ThistleDew Farms honey products, yummy fudge, award winning BBQ sauce


hand crafted cherry wood from Allegheny Treenware, LLC


mini bowls intended for doll houses but make great beading bowls for stitchers!


lacquerware plate by Linda Tong
This square plate really dazzles the eye. 24 carat gold, silver leaf and black lacquer. A little elephant, owl and hummingbird begged to come home with me also. How could I say no?


luxurious soaps, lampwork bead, Literary Calligraphy cards

sleigh bells for the front door during the holidays, and more gifts for b/d's and Christmas

As you can imagine, I spent the better part of 5 hours shopping, grabbed some crawfish nuggets (don't judge until you've tried them) and fresh squeezed lemonade before departing the fair grounds......with 2000 other people. It took 100 minutes to go 3 miles, seriously. Oh well. Small price to pay for such good stuff. Speaking of price to pay, you know how the calories you consume on vacation and on your birthday don't count? Well, while I was waiting to merge into traffic and adding receipts, I decided that money spent on handcrafted things doesn't count either. Suffice it to say, I've had a superb day!!!!

Yes, but what's for dinner? How about a little tossed salad, grilled chicken, sugar snap peas, and Kim Crawford sauvignon blanc. And for dessert? Super sweet black cherries.....YUM!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happy Independence Day!

4th of JULY.....the best holiday of the SUMMER!!! With it's fireworks and fireflies, hotdogs and hot dogs (K9s), lemonade and lemon meringue pie, need I go on? I've always had a wide patriotic streak, but many moons ago, after my first visit to Philadelphia, the Constitution Center, Independence Hall, etc, I discovered a deeper appreciation for my freedoms, my country, the servicemen and women of the armed forces, and honestly, my government. As stinky as the system can be from time to time, IMHO it beats everything else out there, hands down. So go grill something, wave the red, white and blue, thank a veteran, write your Congressman, and watch the fireworks!
For this truly is the land of the free and the home of the brave!!!