Thursday, July 9, 2009

It's Official...

We are officially on the down hill slope toward Christmas! It just hit me that half of 2009 is GONE! In the record books. Finito. Over. Bye Bye. Which means the days are getting shorter and fall will be here sooner than we think, to be quickly followed by snow and HO HO HO!

Just thinking about Christmas puts me in a giving mood. Hosting a Christmas in July stitch-in has also had me thinking a lot about Christmas lately. So, in the spirit of Christmas, I've decided that I'll have a mystery giveaway every month between now and Christmas. You won't know when it will be or what it will be. I'll ask the oracle at to tell me my lucky day for each month and one of the commentators (?) [persons leaving a comment] that day will receive a little present from Country Fried Stitches.

It's a real pleasure reading the comments you leave me and I pledge to do better about commenting on the blogs I enjoy as well. At last count, the list on the left was nearing 100!

Hope to hear from you real soon!


  1. ow, christmass is coming soon, I still have to start making chistmass stuff :p

  2. I just discovered your blog...and I can't believe where you live...I just visited your area only two weeks ago. I really liked your town. And to have a AC Moore's, a Jo Ann's Fabrics, and a Michael's Craft store all in the same town...I'm green all over!