Saturday, July 25, 2009

And a good time was had by all...

Stitch-in After-glow......ahhhhhh, nothing like it. As I write this I'm sitting in the blogging chair completely content with my day. Had all my stitching peeps over for a full day of Christmas stitching, eating and general fun. But, like a dunder head, I forgot to get any photographic evidence! So, you won't be able to see how laden down the table was with scones, spreads, dips, cakes, veggies, salads and the like. You won't see how well all the ladies filled my stitching room and den. You won't see several of us laughing our hineys off at Fred Claus, the movie. And you definitley won't see me and my BPSFF* Debbie getting caught in the rain while walking The Carm! Did I say rain, make that a "Frog Strangler" or "Gauley Washer". This was no ordinary summer sprinkler. No sir. This was an all-out downpour. Oh well, all we could do was laugh! I can't remember the last time I got caught in the rain, so I guess I was due.

Even wet, I had a terrific day and think my girls did too. Let's do it more often ladies!

maybe not the rain part. :-D

*BPSFF= best presidential stitching friend forever


  1. Oh, I had a great time! It was great taking a walk in the rain and laughing my %$^ off! And there was a LOT of food, I'm still not hungry. Only thing is...I only stitched about a half inch square.

    Thanks Marnie, I had a great time.

  2. Sound like you all had a great time :-)

  3. It was a lovely day, Marnie. Thanks especially for allowing us to peek at the dreams you have gathered in your soon-to-be projects.


  4. I have a few photos but was too busy eating, stitching and visiting to take many. I had a great time as I always do with the girls!

  5. It was a wonderful day! Wonderful friends, great food, and your stitching room is such a lovely place to stitch away an afternoon. Thank you for hosting us.