Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Things we love

What is it about these thorny little fellows that captivate so many stitchers, myself included?

We do love our thistles, don't we? There is even an online compendium of thistle patterns over at Thistle Needleworks.

Well, you can imagine my surprise when I discovered this wee one on the dog walk, not far from my house. I imagined they only grew in Scotland. I've walked this same walk with the dog for the past 10 summers and have never seen it before, so I believe it's a volunteer.

Ceud Mile Failte, little volunteer!


  1. I love it and I am stitching one right now! I wish one of her cousins would volunteer into my backyard. Thanks again for the photo.

  2. I like the little embelishment nature added!