Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Slower than molasses in January

Both my Autumn square and the man-tastic workshop are inching closer to completion:

phone picture (again), better quality later...

As you can see, the offending yellow leaf has been frogged.  But, I swan, every time I go off the reservation and attempt to modify color schemes, projects take me twice as long as they normally should, which is forever and a day at my best rate!  Why must I fritz with perfectly good patterns?  Why?  Is it just me?  Do they make pills for this? 

Minor stiff neck has put an early end to my stitching tonight.  Bummer. 
Took two tablets and hoping for the best!  :o)


  1. you crack me up
    i am forever going off the path of patterns
    and when i get stumped i always think
    what a knuckle head ....nice stitching and building

  2. stitching is looking beautiful! I am sure that you will find the perfect colour to fill the gap :-)
    The man place is coming along. so, when it is finished when does work start on the heavenly handwork haven? ;-)

  3. Your Autumn square is looking great! I think I would be tempted to move into half of that garage mahal....the front room looks like a great stitching room and that porch would make a lovely place for stitching when it is warmer weather. :) LOL!

  4. The race is on - which will be finished first?