Saturday, December 12, 2009

Christmas exchange

My EGA chapter had it's annual Christmas party and exchange today and a good time was had by all!  The lunch was Italian style and I'm pretty sure it will be weeks before I need to eat again.  Mama Mia, it was good!

The gift exchange theme this year was "containers".  You know how we love our stuff holders!  Here is the candy container I made out of an empty risotto rice container.  Considering it was risotto, I figured I get "bonus points" for it fitting right into our Italian theme.

How darn cute are those peppermint buttons in the corners? 
 For anyone interested, the design is from an old hardback Better Homes and Gardens Christmas book.  I used 18ct Aida, folded under a top and bottom seam allowance and just ironed it.  No need to stitch or fuse the edges since it is laced corset-style through eyelets on the backside.  The new owner can easily remove the band and replace it throughout the year.  Hope they like it! 

 I think I need to stitch another one to keep. 

Maybe next year!


  1. I hope you enjoyed the gift exchange tin from me. I filled it with a few goodies of things that I like to have handy in my stitching tin. I got the basket from Rachel with a hand-made lid, scissor keeper and needle book. They were absolutely amazing!

  2. Jan - I LOVE my exchange gift from you! The tins are very unique. I've never seen them before. You know how much I love specialty threads too! Thank you so very much for making it an extra special gift.