Thursday, January 8, 2009

Part 1 - Finishing with Flair

Go Go GCC!! Gold star for me. Although there are no less than twenty PIGs screaming for my attention, I will NOT start another new thing or work on another UFO until this EGA GCC is in the mail to teacher extraordinaire, Marion Scoular. To be honest, since I gave up on the idea of using my almost finished Adam and Eve sampler for Part 1 (hemstitching), it has gone very quickly. I would show you the Adam and Eve sampler, but it's just too sad. The colors (as recommended) are so far off the model, I'm disgusted. I tried to fool myself into believing it was going to be ok, just keep stitching, right? That's what we tell ourselves. Just keep stitching? Well, so now, it's practically finished and here I sit, disgusted. I would love to do the hemstitched edge on Adam and Eve, one day.
For now friends, I'll be focusing on finishing "Finishing with Flair", finally.

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