Friday, January 16, 2009

Panicland update

Thanks for all your kind words and concern; I have downgraded my panic to "guarded concern" today. It was a long night. The aliens faded away overnight, slowly. This morning, she took some liquids but no food. She did eat a handful of her food nuggets this evening and drank a little more liquid. She seemed to feel well enough to walk, so we did the walk. I'll heat some more milk later to help ensure she's not getting dehydrated. She did feel spunky enough to bark the "I'm warning you, squirrel!" bark on the walk, so I'm feeling a bit encouraged. I'll feel much better when she's eating a full meal and back to her "I'm Carmen, with a capital C, Queen of the Universe, Ms. Sandiego if you're nasty" sunny disposition.


  1. Good that she is a little better. Hope it continues and she is back to normal soon.

  2. So glad your gorgeous doggie is doing better!