Sunday, July 10, 2011

Pinecone Progress

I have something to tell you, and you should sit down to hear it.  I wouldn't want anyone to pass out with shock...

I've picked up Gathering Pinecones to see if it's possible to finish it  and have it framed before September.  Wouldn't THAT be exciting???  FRAMING!!!!  Can't remember the last time I proudly waltzed a finished piece of needlework in to the framer.

I love these little Cretan stitch pinecones in the border:

They look a little funny without their tops on, but don't we all?


Hope you all are sneaking in some stitchin' this beautiful sunny Sunday afternoon.



  1. Those little pinecones will be adorable when they get dressed - I mean put their tops on. Good luck - happy stitching.

  2. What a darling piece, and I cannot wait to see it those colors! Those pine cones look a lot better without their tops on than I do! :)