Sunday, September 11, 2011

Patriot Day 2011

It's been two months since I've posted and considering today's date, I considered not posting, remaining silent in observation.  Then, on the way back from church, I heard someone on the radio comment that the best thing we all can do for our country in these times is to do exactly what you would have done naturally, in rememberance of 9-11.  So, it's Sunday afternoon.  I've worshipped, eaten and now I'll blog while listening to the sounds of football in the background. 


And, I have two really good reasons to write today.  I actually have not one but two finishes to share!!  Incredible, I know. 

#1)  I have shared before, but now I have all (read that again, slowly.... A.L.L.) the finishing completed.  Since the stitching was finished a while back, it only qualifies as a finish-finish but I couldn't be happier.  Of course, it is the GPA stitching slipper that I began way back when.. and have blogged about a time or two (or four)

scissors case, fob, thread board, tassel and slipper

tufted slipper base

slipper 'rear-end' with carved burgundy button (THANK YOU GIULIA!!!)

felt needle page between slipper layers

You may be able to see the small cording finishing the edges of the slipper top and bottom.  I would be pulling your leg if I told you this was a quick finish.  It was not.  But, it might just be my new favorite stitching set.  Which brings me to my next finish to share..

I started and finished the Quaker pin cube that I've been threatening to start for like EVER.  I filled it with crushed walnut shells so it acts like a paperweight too.  I love Love LOVE it for several reasons but the primary reason is that it is red (and it's three dimensional, and it's Quaker and..)  Don't you simply adore stitching with red thread?  Last week, as I was trying to finish stitching this little pretty and thinking to myself (over and over again) how much I enjoy stitching with red, the Sunday message was about the city of Jericho and Rahab and the red cord that spared her house.  Funny how things just seem to "sync up", sometimes. Maybe I love stitching with red so much because it reminds me of how love is the red thread that flows through everything that is good.   

Quaker pin cube stitched with random overdyed red from stash

Around the house, the table is sporting her fall colours now.  I had the pleasure of having family visit recently so I added the second leaf to the table and two more place settings to make sure everyone had a seat at the table.  It's such a joy to have a table full of family and love...  Don't you agree?

Lately, I've found myself being grateful for everything (large and small) more than normal.  I was even grateful when I discovered that if you press a half melted Milk Dud (because I left them in a hot car by accident) together with a peanut M&M, it turns out to be nearly perfect.  Next time you need a little ooey-gooey perfect party in your mouth, try warming up a Milk Dud -or two- and stick them to a peanut M&M -or two. 

Trust me - it's allllllllll good!!!

And lastly, I leave you with a picture of hope.  It is of a bird house build with love by hubby and just mounted to the tree yesterday.  We hope a couple of happy little lovebirds find it and call it home soon.

So, until next time friends.. hope you enjoy every minute of these beautiful fall days.  Jingle bells will be ringing before we know it!


  1. Welcome have been missed!

  2. Hush about those jingle bells! Glad you made it back to blogging!

  3. So glad you are back! We missed you! What a beautiful finishing job on the stitching slipper! I think it must have been especially created to sit on that table runner. Oh, and I am with you on the color red.

  4. What a pretty slipper and sewing set, your finishing of these is exquisite. Love the pin cube and the fall table setting.