Sunday, September 19, 2010

Week in Review

Wow, what a week!   I can't believe it was a week yesterday that I arrived back home from San Francisco.  My o my how time gets away from me.

Besides working all week, I attended chapter meeting on Monday night and was reminded that I had not posted my little airplane Assisi finish here. 

It's not much to write home about (is this all I could get stitched on a cross-country flight?  I must be out of shape!).  I thought it might make a cute soft ruler/floss tag or maybe even an envelope front for some mail art...  I stitched it with the new Florimell silk thread from Gloriana which I talked about in my last post.  I can not overstate how fantabuloso this thread is.  It goes for about $1/yard.  The color above is Autumn Arbor and is so much prettier in real life.  Below is Poinsettia and Old Gold.

o yes they are that gorgeous!  And you should feel them!

Wednesday was my 'official' birthday except I tend to celebrate all month long.  (Don't cha know about half the stuff I bought in San Francisco was 'for my birthday'!)  Hubby, sis and faa-ther were so generous and thoughtful.  Hubs sent flowers to work and had flowers at home, took me to my favorite local restaurant for dinner, gave me a new filter for my new camera (which was an 'early' birthday present from him last month), scored some of those wonderful Anniversary beans from Bucky's (aka Starbucks), brought home an honest-to-goodness birthday cake, and gave me one of the sweetest cards ever!  Sis and Dad put together an enormous gift box o'camera paraphernalia for me.  I can't wait to use the mono-pod, case, album,  

Really, I was totally spoiled this year.  :-D

And rounding out the week, my EGA chapter hosted its big fund raising event last night, the Basket BINGO! 

I baked peanut butter blossom cookies for the baked goods sale and MAN did they smell good.  I was rushing around and forgot to save any for home, so I couldn't tell you how they turned out..  But, since they sold out, I guess they tasted ok.  It felt good to be cooking in my kitchen again after being away from it for awhile.  I also had some help in the kitchen from Flat Stanley.

Flat Stanley is my XSDN*, Hannah Faith's 3rd grade project currently.  She sent Flat Stanley to me from her school in Texas so he could have adventures with me here in WV and then return with his stories to TX.  He and I grabbed a venti early Saturday morning,

then dashed off to the grocery for cookie supplies,

retuned home to whip up a few batches,

and then headed to BINGO. 

He did a great job helping me play my cards, but sadly, no BINGOs for me all night!  I did however win a nice doorprize and The Sister won 4 times (2 prizes for herself and 2 for others from her workplace).  She was born under a lucky star.

After church today, I think I'll take Flat Stanley to the local no-kill animal shelter so he can pick out a Flat Spot.  I'm sure my XSDN won't mind if Stanley comes back to TX with a best friend! 

I promise to post a few shots of my stash experience from National next time.  Airline luggage weight limits rained on my bookstore parade, but I was pleased with the few books I did bring home. 

Until then friends, I hope you are stitching as much as your heart desires.


*XSDN = extra special darling niece


  1. Cute Assisi finish. The floss colors look gorgeous, must give them a try. I'm sure glad you explained "XSDN", for the life of me I couldn't figure that one out. Love how Flat Stanley can move his arms.

  2. I want that floss!!! Nuff said!! It's incredibly yummy....*must finish with current stash, must finish with current stash*

  3. You are one busy lady! Sounds like a lot of fun and exciting things are happening. Now, does your hubby know about your activities with Mr. Stanley? Not cheating are you?
    Yes, bingo was fun, snacks were great and I won a door prize as well.
    Back to my stitching for now!