Wednesday, September 29, 2010

September Wrap-Up and some comment replies (edited)

(the following post was edited after I realized I had apparently been sleep-typing when I originally wrote it.  Sorry ladies.  I'll try harder next time!)

Good evening friends!  I'm in such a great mood since my horrible work situation has resolved itself. didn't actually resolve itself, but now that it's O.V.E.R., my creative juices have been in overdrive.  I'm telling you this so I will be extra mindful to enjoy every minute of the office between now and the next major change.

Does that happen to you?  If your creative power is suppressed for any length of time, does it come back with a vengence?  Mine has.  Yay!

For starters, let's talk about a couple of comments from recent posts.  In all honesty, I almost wet myself when I read Giulia's comment about my her set.  Seriously?!  Giulia, as in the G in GPA, took the time to compliment my work of her design?  Shut. Up.  Okay, so maybe I'm a little star-stuck. Sue me.

I triple-love reading comments from everyone!  It probably is true of all bloggers, but knowing someone has taken time out of their day to share a little friendship/sunshine with me is just like unwrapping a wonderful, warm, fuzzy gift, that is the perfect fit.  :-)  Thank you all for dropping me a line!  Please come again soon.

Moving Along -

Anonymous W (maybe Wendy in VA?) wanted to know more about my tassels.  Here's the secret: 

A good ol' (unused) toothbrush makes all the difference in the world!  You can see from the fuzz that mine is about ready for retirement.  After you make your tassel, you brush, brush, brush the skirt until all the strands are separated.  It is time consuming, but close your eyes and try to pretent that you are 10 again and Barbie has been driving that convertible without a hat and desperately needs all the tangles brushed out of her golden tresses. Then you are going to trim, trim, trim, until the bottom is nice and even.  I like to use a pair of long skinny scissors for the majority of the trimming. (don't know what they are called but they remind me of hair dressers sheers).  Then, when you are getting really close to having it the way you want it, grab your best embroidery scissors and make sure every thread is trimmed.  No matter how well you trim the tassel skirt the first time around, you are going to want to brush and trim your tassel a few times before calling it 'done'.  They will look fuller if you start by brushing the inner most strands first.

I've learned that for my taste, some of my older tassels were simply too skimpy so now I make sure I use enough thread for my tassels to be nice and plump, like me!

I like to make my tassels with the cording coming from the center of the top knot instead of coming out of either side, but I have made them about every whichy way.  These "flop-over" black tassels were fun and easy.  Just lay a skien of floss across a closure, like a tassel, remove paper wrappers and wrap the neck.  Easy peasy.

And as Forrest would say, "that's all I know about that".

Jeanine in Canada writes the Italian Needlework blog.  She is probably, at least partially, to blame for the sad shape of my checkbook lately.  Ms. Jeanine also attended National seminar earlier this month and I was a delighted to meet her in person.  Jeanine asked me to share where my newly acquired Italian stuff will live.   I brought home several pieces of woven linens and a few painted beads.  Until I have a little more time to photograph the other things, I'll show you the largest piece now.

Multi-color table runner:

My newest arrival is the small multi-color table scarf situated between the two lady chairs in the "Drawing Room".

I'd love to tell you more, but I keep falling asleep.  Logging off friends.  More later!

Sunset, 9/29/2010


  1. Just love your tassels. I've been too chicken to even try those out. But love your secret with the toothbrush. Who would have ever figured that out!

  2. Love, love, love the picture of the sunset. Beautiful!! I also love the toothbrush idea. You are such a clever girl!

  3. Thanks for posting about your Perugian tablerunner!
    It looks fantastic in your home!