Saturday, September 25, 2010

Christmas Stitching

Happy September 25th!  I'm overjoyed to be sharing my progress on my GPA Christmas sewing set with you today (please click on pic):

design by: Giulia Punti Antichi
cross stitch in Belle Soie silk: Cranberry and Collard Greens
tassels and cords in various shades of olive and burgundy DMC and Anchor cotton floss
thread board by Bloom Woodworks

That's the scissors case on the left, the thread keeper in the center and scissors fob on the right.  Since taking this photo, I've added the rouched ribbon to the center of the thread board for holding a thimble, made and attached the tassel to the scissors case and have only a small bit of construction left to do on the slipper itself.


I learned something very interesting about finishing from Carolyn Standing Webb at National.  Something I never expected to learn.  I learned that I can get paralyzed by the FEAR FACTOR.  I will allow projects to linger in purgatory (stitched but not finished) much longer than necessary because I'm afraid of screwing it up.  She had a very carefree, cavalier approach to her finishing and I was shocked.  She produces some of the most beautiful smalls and 3D pieces I've ever seen.  I imagined that she painstakingly slaved over the construction of her pieces with tweezers and a microscope, all while wearing white gloves.  WRONG!  CSW is an excellent finisher (and designer) and I'll do well to coming close to finishing things as beautifully as she does but I'll never again fret over, "but what if I ruin it"?  Well then, you'll either stitch another one or throw it in the garbage!  Thank you Carolyn for teaching me to Get over it and Get ON WITH IT.

I also (re)learned the importance of trial and error.  So many times I'll decide not to bring home that button or ribbon because I'm not sure it's the right size or color only to return home to find that it would have been fine.  Returning to the store days later to find the button or ribbon gone.   If I'd only bought the thing and then returned it later if it didn't work out.  I'm also guilty of staring at a display of thread for hours trying to decide which colors would be "perfect".  WHO CARES?  Just pick a starting point and jump in.  If you hate it, pick other colors and do another one!

The pile of thread I bought to find the right shades of burgundy and olive green was impressive!  If fact, Ken and Barbie are planning an expedition to summit it's peak next summer.

I didn't even bother writing down which greens and which reds ended up being used in my tassels and cords.  They are truly unique, one of a kind, never to be reproduced tassels.  Now, do I still fear that I'll regret that decision someday?  Like when the dog decides to chew a tassel off something?  Absolutely.  But, for now, I'm thrilled to be getting so close to completing the whole set.

Christmas will indeed come early if I can finish the slipper today.  I'm sure you'll hear a big WOO-HOO if I do!



  1. They look gorgeous and I love the colours you chose.

  2. I absolutely LOVE the advice--and talk about color indecisions...ask my friends! What GREAT words of encouragement to tackle my 'unfinishes' with! And the pieces you've done are so lovely.

  3. Those are beautiful finishes. I am in love with the colors you chose.

  4. Congrats on your finishes...they are stunning!

  5. WOW! They all look so beautiful Marnie! You are one very talented lady :-) remember that the next time the FEAR tries to creep in :-) x

  6. Tell us how you make such beautiful tassels!


  7. I love the "Get over it and get ON WITH IT" philosophy. I will remember that.

  8. Thanks for stitching my design. You did a wonderful work with your finishing and not only with your stitching!
    Giulia Manfredini