Thursday, June 10, 2010

WIP Update

Helloooooo Stitch fans!  Even though I don't have much to show, I thought it was high time I posted a stitching update.

The section at the bottom is in it's 4th lifecycle.  First time around, I thought floche would be perfect.  Sadly, the more I stitched, the less perfect it became.  A little hairy, in fact.  Insert frogs.
Next, I was SURE silk would be just the ticket.  Single strand?  Nope, too thin.  Frogtown here I come, again. 

Two strands?  Nope, too thick.  Super-Frog. 

What about just plain ol' DMC?  Could it be too simple to be right?  Yep.  Not the look I was going for.   Whole lottafroggin' goin' on.

Geesh I tell ya.  Nobody can belabor a thread choice like I can.  Imagine if I was trying to pick a color!

Lucky Bamboo to the rescue:

You really can't see the difference here, but the straight row up the right is in Mandarin floss and I LOVE IT!  Really!  Now, just one more exhilarating round of 'rippit' and I'll be on my way.

Also on the stitchy front, I've selected my Christmas exchange project and have put the first stitches in it.  No pics until after the Christmas party though!

Lastly, at our last chapter meeting, the program was on Hmong textile art.  Being a huge fan of folk art, I was totally into it and can't wait to get the little needle book stitched up.   

This message has been brought to you by the finest beans on Earth:

Starbuck's calls this their Anniversary Blend.  I call it sublime.  It's also my last bag.  You see, they only sell this blend in the fall.  Before they run out, I buy as much as I can carry and it usually lasts me most of the year.  Now, it's all but gone.  :o(

I'll be counting the days until we can be together again.

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  1. UGH on all the frogging, but I think that you found the perfect fiber. And I hope you have many fine days with your Starbucks pal - I don't think I've tried that blend before so I'll have to watch for it in the Fall.