Saturday, June 5, 2010

June Madness begins

June is the craziest month of the year for family events.  There is Father's Day, Wedding Anniversary, Sister Birthday, and Hubby Birthday.  We begin this weekend with Sister Birthday celebrations although her actual birthday isn't until much later this month.  We are celebrating early because I'll be attending Share-A-Stitch out of town around the time of her actual birthday.   

We'll be hosting out of town family visitors twice this month and I always look forward to that.  Truthfully, I love having a house full of family.  It's great fun planning special celebration menus, using the "good stuff", sharing happy times together and making new memories, even if I'm dog tired when everyone goes home.

It's always a fun month but so action packed!  It feels like a sprint and a marathon, rolled into one.  Fourth of July marks the slow down of the summer festivities around here and I know it will be here in two blinks.  I can hear the parade bands warming up now!

Enjoy your weekend friends!  Monday will be here all too soon.

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  1. hi ,
    i enjoyed your blog and your handiwork too.lovely work,and your dog is cute.
    happy stitching.
    please do visit me some times.