Monday, May 4, 2015

The 2015 Spring Retreat Report (photo heavy)

As soon as the weather begins to break, all the ladies of my embroiderers' guild start to itch for retreat weekend.  It seems like this three day, semi-annual retreat is not only blessed from above but also a blessing to each and every one of us who are able to attend.  The fellowship, fun and creativity permeates the air like the perfume from the lilacs in bloom.  If you belong to a creative group that doesn't have a short retreat of some kind at least annually, you should consider starting one.  There is nothing like being with your own tribe for 48 or 50 straight hours to revive the spirit, especially after a long, cold winter.

Sometimes I go to retreat with only one project and a clear cut goal - Make.Progress.  This wasn't that kind of retreat.  I had project ADD and took at least eight projects to either work on, rip out and re-do, think about, or analyze with a focus group.  Here's a glimpse of what went on...

Japanese kogin ornament
Monthly education project from like 87 years ago
Total re-do.  Originally looked like I had stitched it in the dark with my left foot.  New and improved stitching put in.  Might finish it as a needlebook or fob.  Not sure.  Moved on...

Aztec stitch bookmark
Monthly education project from like 187 years ago
Re-read instructions, begged for friend to finish mine, got nowhere with her, had a glass of wine, worked six rows of woven bars, felt good about it, set aside for another day.

Hardanger cross bookmark (for sister)
Tried to clear cobwebs out of the brain and remember how to travel around the woven bars, thought I remembered, needleweaved for about 30 minutes, took out 30 minutes worth of needleweaving. Set aside.

Adam and Eve by Homespun Elegance (Snippets of Olde)
Called for a focus group discussion.  Evaluated where I went wrong with the colors. Tried to decide how to selectively rip and re-do in order to make skin less pink, serpent more green, sun brighter, grass lighter, etc.  Decided I really didn't want to spend all day frogging.  Set aside.

Tudor Rose luggage tag (3" round needlepoint)
Need to couch down gold outlining around petals and work light background stitches. Acknowledged those facts.  Set aside.

Granddaughter's jeans jacket
Finally decided on motif and basted the general outline for floral heart.

Granddaughter's felt fish mobile 
selected color combos, cut out fish, fins, eyes, lips, stripes, etc.  Attached most elements.
Ready for stuffing, ribbon and assembly.

And just before we had to pack up and depart, I selected several special motifs for a nightmare-proof pillowcase (for me, not the grandbaby. that would be weird. trust me).  Stay tuned for more on the Extra Super Special pillowcase...

In non-stitchy related news, many participated in the first ever Hummingbird Aerobics class that was held on Saturday afternoon.  Ultimately the hummingbird was liberated and the liberators were jubilant.  Friend and fellow stitcher Zella celebrated her 82nd birthday.  There were no seam ripper incidents or injuries to report.  The Duke and Dutchess of Cambridge welcomed Princess Charlotte into the world.  And finally, a three-year-old bay colt named American Pharoah (not Pharaoh), riden by Victor Espinoza, won the Kentucky Derby.

Until next time friends, STITCH HAPPY!

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  1. What a great time we had! I love your fishies, the jacket will be beautiful, and the rest of the projects...oh, well, they can wait until another retreat. (wink, wink)