Saturday, July 13, 2013

Whoa Nellie!


Happy Weekend, friends!

I'm dropping in this morning with a quick update on Monet: 

I know...I'm feeling pretty underwhelmed about it myself.. but, I keep reminding myself of what an amazing piece it will be when it is finished, in the year 2079.

I've hit that dangerous point of not looking forward to stitching on it.  And we all know what that means - the tragic death of a WIP.  In reading so many of your stories about how to stay motivated on a tough project, I've decided that 'mandatory' stitching time could possibly get me through this confetti part to the section that you can actually recognize the Parliament building. 

So, no more Downton Abbey or Sherlock marathons for me.  :-(

It's time to dive into this badboy, head-first.

Til next time, keep your needles sharp and your stitches straight!



  1. Rah! Rah! Rah! That's me cheering you on. The only way to finish it is to keep at it. After seeing some of your work - I know you can get through this!

  2. Anyone who can stitch that tartan doily can certainly to this one. It will be beautiful!! Love the colors! Remember how you eat that elephant - one bite (stitch) at a time!

  3. Monet is my absolute favorite painter. This will be quite beautiful when...

    Marie @