Sunday, June 30, 2013

June: The Month of Wine and Roses


Good evening, friends! 

As we enter the final hours of another loverly month of June, I thought I should pop in and post a quick stitching update.

As I have shared in years past, the month of June is full of family celebrations like Father's Day, wedding anniversary, sister birthday and hubby birthday.  It is literally a month full of friends, family, food, parties, cookouts and vacation! 

 special Frenchy French birthday cake

A great place to stitch...
the library at The Homestead, Hot Springs, Virginia

Having put my tartan coaster to bed, I found it almost difficult to pick a new project (or WIP) to take on our anniversary get-away.  As I ran short on packing/prep time, I grabbed what was handy and ready to be stitched on..

stitching space on vacation...
this chair was extremely difficult to get out of.. as in, Oh no, has it been 6 hours since I moved? 

Monet's The Houses of Parliament, Sunset... one of my favorite Monet's interpreted into cross stitch by the late great Sheila Hudson.

I'm a little further along than when this shot was taken, but not too far..

Kinda depressing.. but, in tiny little bites, I'll eat that elephant!


Meanwhile back at the ranch, I'm still adjusting to being a Cat Mom.. to two tuxedo girls.  This is the 'big girl' Boots and yes, her belly is as soft and fluffy as it looks!  She's mainly an outdoor cat but seriously enjoys napping in my sunroom..

Here's hoping you all enjoy a safe and fun Independence Day next week and take a moment to thank a veteran for your freedom.

Happy stitching!

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