Saturday, February 11, 2012

Winter's Arrived


It seems my dream winter (warm and dry) has sadly come to an end.  The flurries began yesterday and left us with several inches of the white stuff this morning.

And, it's bone chillin' cold to boot.  Brrrrr!

Carmen, I think, has the right idea...

I'll be spending a little time with Tis the Season this afternoon, trying to work in my snowflake and holly leaf for the day.  I fell off the plan a bit last week, so I'll see about making up some time this week.

Here's the progress...

excuse the wrinkles, please...

And that is all the news that's fit to report.  Here's hoping you are warm and cozy, wherever you may be..


  1. Marnie, I'm sorry winter decided to pay you a visit. Hoping it's a short stay! But I love your winter pic - all drabs except that bright red cardinal. So appropriate for your wip!

  2. It has been a strange winter, hasn't it? Even here in California it's been pretty dry. I've had my windows open all weekend! I absolutely love that snowy photo-- looks so serene. I wish we had cardinals around here!