Sunday, February 20, 2011

Stitch. Pray. Love.


Up early this morning, way before sun-up, and took the opportunity to slip a few stitches in before church.

I'm the World's Best at taking a spare hour and turning it into "Top 16 Things To Do in the next 60 Minutes".  But not this morning.  I didn't make a big breakfast, start six loads of laundry, strip the sheets off the bed, etc.. 

Nope.  Instead, I say to Carmen, "Carmen, what do you say we have two bites of yogurt and granola, call it breakfast, enjoy a latte and put a few stitches in that Assisi project before church?  Shall we?"

Carmen said, "Sure, sounds great Mom.....whatever whatever....just put that foamed milk in my bowl and then you can do whatever you want."

So, here it is:

Assisi GCC (parts 1, 2, 3) 

As you may have already guessed, the fabric color, count and thread choice was left up to each student (don't blame Marion for my borderline disasterous choices).  Each thimble is slightly different from the next and I think I actually learned something with each one.  The next and final part involves planning an original piece (small though), which I'll need to comtemplate tomorrow.

Loving that I'm nearly finished with this one.  I had myself worried there for a few minutes that I wouldn't be able to 'graduate' with my classmates.  My plans are to dive right into the Sashiko GCC before my needles cool off.  :-))

If Congress doesn't do something soon about the 2011 budget, I might actually have plenty of stitching time (during my UNPAID lay-off) on my hands.  :-(

Happy President's Day, friends!

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  1. Those are turning out so great! It's fun to see the different stitch styles on each of them. Hope you enjoyed your latte!