Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Groundhog Day and the 4 Day Forecast

Stopping in to quickly say, "Hey, is it cold where you live?  Again?  Today?  It is Groundhog Day, ya know?"   

Loved that movie - not loving Mother Nature.  Not. At. All.

I've been tending to a few 'necessaries' this week (like end of year financial reports, tax prep and other yucky stuff) and haven't made much progress on my Assisi GCC, however, I am sure I will be finished with Part 1 soon. 

  • Thursday:  evening obligation (no stitching)
  • FridayWear Red for Healthy Heart awareness!
  • Saturday:  Stitch In Public Day at "AC Moore".  Hopefully meeting lots of stitchers who don't know about EGA (and making a lot of hay with the GCC).
  • Sunday:   SUPER BOWL Sunday:  Watch the 6 time World Champion Pittsburgh Steelers hoist yet another Lombardi trophy high (in the house that JJ built, no less) 
Victory is a beautiful thing.

Click HERE for a fun Stitch Your Heart Out chart.

May your toes be toasty and fingers be nimble.  




  1. Sounds like a great weekend! Enjoy watching the game on Sunday.

  2. Your stitch in public day sounds fun. We are not too cold here but we are being battered by high winds. Stay warm x