Saturday, January 8, 2011

Snowed In Saturday


First things first - for leaving me a comment on my last post, I have TWO boxes of chocolates to put in the mail.  Jane from Quiltsmiles in picturesque Adirondack, NY and Aubree from "For the Love of Cross Stitch" in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia.  Ladies, please email me your snail mail addresses so I can pop your chocolates in the mail.  The longer they sit on my kitchen counter, the less likely they are to actually make it to the Post Office!  ;-) 

(The cover was from 1995, btw.)

The overnight snow we had put the skids on all outside activities today.  It might have also put the skids on most inside activities.  :-)

nap-time with "Daddy"

While Carm girl and her Daddy took an afternoon siesta, I caught up on a little computer work, filing, picture editing, blogging (reading and posting), bird watching and stitching.

A new arrival at the feeder


I'm not 100% sure, but I think this could be a female red-winged blackbird.  Maybe if she likes my home cooking well enough, she'll bring her mate with her next time and I'll be better able to identify her.

And, of course, I did what snow-days were meant for...
a little stitching   :-)

Since I couldn't get off the hill today, I missed my first group meeting of the new Assisi GCC class that my EGA chapter is participating in.  :-(  

I figured the least I could do was a little Assisi warm-up.  This gorgeous lion was a monthly education project from a few months ago.  I triple love the finished look and would be thrilled to bring a finished piece to February's Show and Tell.  <3

Now, I'm off to make a little dinner and take in a little Playoff action.

Stay warm!


  1. So I pop in to see about your snowy day and lo and behold I read my name! To tell you the truth I didn't even realize commenting would get me chocolates! Thanks so much Marnie!!! :) Looks like everyone at your house enjoyed their snow day.

  2. Snow has that effect on us too. Nap time!

    Glad to hear you got some things done while stranded on the hill. Too bad you missed your meeting though.

    Here's to more snow for you!

  3. Thanks Marnie, I emailed you privately with my addy. Your lion looks intriguing and that designer is not one I'm familiar with. It'll be interesting to see that worked up as well as the leprechan on a shelf you mentioned on a previous post.
    BTW....I'm also from Irish/Dutch descent.

  4. We have had snow days too, but with small people about that has meant sledging not stitching for me :-)
    Love your lion :-)

  5. Hi Marnie, really enjoyed my first visit, birds, stitchin, nice blog, will be back. Plz do feel free to visit me whenever:)