Saturday, January 22, 2011

Snowed in Saturday (the sequel)

I like to remain positive.  See the bright side.  Keep a sunny disposition

I'm positive my blood is going to freeze solid;  the bright side can only be seen on the weather channel; and my sunny disposition is vacationing in Phoenix, Arizona. 

So...with another round of 'Artic Blast' here for another week, here is how my To Do list is shaping up:

  • Feed the birds...

  • and the "K9 unit", Carmen...

    Wish me a Happy Birthday!  Mom says I turn 11 (or 77) on Monday.
  • and the hubs:  chili for lunch or dinner (Mom's famous chili recipe HERE)

  • Stitch (Leo d'Assisi nearly complete, getting caught up on Assisi GCC also)

  • Laundry (yes, the dryer is back from the dead)  Yay hubby!
I know you don't want to see a visual of Mt. Filth-i-mangaro

So that's what's happenin' in Wild Wonderful West Virginia, friends.  I know - I have to take my own pulse every once in awhile, just to be sure.  Stay warm and safe, friends!


  1. I hear you on all this cold. I haven't left the house yesterday or today and I doubt I'll be doing it tomorrow either. Spring can't come fast enough. Hope you get a lot of stitching done!

  2. There's only one thing to do!
    Get some hot chocolate, head to the stitching chair, cover up, turn on the bright light, and stitch your little heart out!

  3. Those birdies are lucky to have you feeding them!