Sunday, November 14, 2010

Johnny-Come-Lately and Grand Central Station

Other than brief glimpses, I hadn't seen a bluejay at the feeder all summer.  Today, he seemed very hesitant and cautious, but he came anyway and I was glad to see him.  Truly I was beginning to think something was happening to the bluejay population.  They used to be very common in the woods around my house.

check out the nosecone on this guy!

He wasn't alone though.  Every other variety of bird I've ever thought about feeding also swung by today.  It was like Black Friday at the Mall.

hog eaters -- trying not to envision pigeons when I see these doves

my goldfinches are sporting their fall colors

this little guy is very skittish and scurries off every time I make a move for the camera,
so this was the best shot I could get of him today.  His bigger 'red bellied' brother was hopping around too, but too far off for a good shot of him.

As you can see, it's been a very busy day at the feeder.  I had an action packed weekend myself.  Still looking forward to a "lazy" weekend sometime this year.  Maybe 2011?

Have a great week friends!


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