Friday, October 8, 2010


Hey there!

Whatcha been doing?

Me?  Nuttin' honey..

I like BIG NUTS and I cannot lie.
You other brothers can't deny..

I love...


LOVE me some acorn caps.

Hubby says if I pick up another single nut cap,

he's going to have me committed...

to the Nut Hut.

A long time ago, I had a friend who asked her mom what a "menage a trois" was.  The mom, without missing a beat, told her that it was a fancy French dessert.  I really think she thought so, but nevertheless... 
Years later, my friend and I were catching up over dinner, at a fancy French restaurant.  When the waiter asked what we'd like to try for dessert, my friend, without missing a beat, looks the waiter straight in the face and says, "I'd like to try a menage a trois". 
I nearly choked to death. 
So did the waiter.

Wonder what my friend would call this?

A sextet?

I'm a little acorn, round
Lying on the cold, cold ground
Everybody steps on me
That is why I'm cracked you see.

I'm a nut (clap clap)
I'm a nut (clap clap)
I'm a nut
I'm a nut
I'm a nut (clap clap)

Yes. I know.  My crazy is showing again..

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  1. Marnie, I love the nut caps too. Guess that makes us both crazy!! heehee.
    You asked about my header picture pincushion; it's from Heartstrings Samplery.
    here's the link on my blog to it. you can click on the pics to see it up close. She has an Etsy shop; thats where I got my pattern. I saw it on Vonna's Blog (thetwistedstitcher) and I just loved it; had to make my own. It's quick to stitch. thanks for visiting my blog......