Thursday, August 26, 2010

a fly-by

Hi Everybody!   This is just a fly-by posting.

I was off work with hubby who had oral surgery today.  Oh yeah, nuttin' but fun.  However, it was one of the finest days I can remember all summer.  The weather was beautiful, I wore jeans and sandals all day, and even had time to go to the store and make a delicious dinner before 7:30P.   The heat and humidity have finally loosened their grip on us so even the evening dog walk is much more enjoyable. 

Tomorrow is MIL's 94th birthday ( didn't hear it from me). 

Tomorrow, we'll spend the evening with her and probably some fried chicken.

As a very early birthday present to me, hubby gave me a new Canon digital camera to take with me to SF!  I'm super excited to learn all about it.  Susan, over at Plays With Needles, has posted some helpful info about some online photography courses which she credits for improving her camera skills, which I must say, were fantabulous to begin with.  Skip on over there and check her out.  O the eye candy she feeds us!

This weekend is my last before leaving for San Fran on the 4th. Which means laundry, laundry, packing, checklists, etc. Family from Georgia will be in a week from tomorrow, so if I'm smart, I'll go ahead and pack this weekend. With a pre-7 am flight, I'm thinking I won't be up for any last minute preparations.

My classes at National are #1) Marsha Papay Gomola's stumpwork:

which should only take me about seventy-eleven years to finish.

and #2) Carolyn Standing Webb's Finishing class which I will use to put together the stumpwork set, in the year 20next-to-never.


I couldn't be more excited. 

Enjoy what's left of your summer friends.  The ol' blue marble is coming 'round the bend, rolling right on into Fall.  

Aahhhhhhhh. I like the sounds of that.

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  1. Wish I was going to San Fran with you :) Have fun and take lots of pics with the new cam and share them with us all.