Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A finish!

What vacation can be deemed a success without a finish to show for it? I admit to adding the bells and whistles after returning home, but I'm happy to have this little darling in the bag, Christmas gift bag that is, for my best motorcycle riding tattoo sporting Aunt* (BMRTSA). Yeah, she's the fun Aunt (think Weekend Road Warrior, not Hell's Angels) and this little design was just perfect for her because the design actual matches her tattoo!
I know, what are the odds???!!!!
As sentimental stories and tattoos seem to go together like motorcyles and well, tattoos, hers is in my opinion very special. She was born with three brothers, one of which died when he was only 20, on her birthday. She and her brothers are the four leaves of the shamrock. Her first grandson, in the summer between high school and college was killed in a auto accident, at age 18, and buried on her birthday. The five spots on her ladybug represent her five grandchildren and her ladybug sits atop a shamrock, combining two of the "luckiest" symbols we recognize. I added the red tassel to heap one more measure of luck (Chinese) on our little ornament. I know she'll love it and give it a prize place amoung her other good luck charms.
All Barbara Ana Designs are just too cute for their shoes. Be sure to check her out for the cutest biscornu patterns you've ever seen.

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