Tuesday, September 20, 2016


If I'm totally honest, I did not intend to take a 9 month sabbatical from blogging... It just happened.  Then, I wondered, if I really want to call it a sabbatical, shouldn't I just go and take off a full year?  After two seconds of consideration, I came to the conclusion that if I felt like blogging, I should blog.
Sooooooo...... Hellllooooooooo!  Life has been very full in 2016.  Having a baby in the family has given all of us great joy even though she lives a full nine hour drive away.  K1 (as I'll call her here) will be 14 months old tomorrow.

 Luckily, hubby and I have gotten to visit her five time since she was born and are always planning our next visit.  She's the sweetest thing. Ever.

On the stitching front, I have actually logged many stitching and beading (!) hours since my last post.  I won't try to catch up with this single post, but here is peek at my current WIP (a piano bench cover):

Ultimately, the bargello pattern will have five shades of red and four shades of grey, giving it a very OSU look.  It's all Paternayan yarn (two strands) on 13/14 ct. monocanvas.  This is the largest thing I've ever tried to stitch but it is very relaxing since the pattern is repetitious.

Next time, I'll share some of the beading I have finished this year.  Beading is NOT my 'thang' so to have three (actually four, but you'd have to ask my thieving sister about that) whole pieces completed within one year has me very chuffed.

Stitch Happy!


  1. Oh my! Your granddaughter is a cutie. Your piano bench cover is going to be stunning. Enjoy your day!

  2. Grandchildren are the best! Glad you get to see her so often in spite of the drive.

  3. Thanks for stopping by Robin and Von! I'm going to try not to be a stranger in Bloggerville...