Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Little things

Nothing beats a little instant gratification so like most of you, I need to keep a small thing going while I'm working on bigger projects.  The side of my brain that craves efficiency hates it but the creative side of my brain revels in it, so here are a few small finishes from recent months...

Order of the Eastern Star bag tag
Vineyard Silks and metallics on 18ct. canvas
charted by me from a Google image
gift for my sister

Victoria Sampler "Ohio" state ornament
gift for my Aunt D in Ohio

Left:  Huck Weaving coaster
assorted #5 Perle Cotton on huck fabric
EGA monthly education project

Right:  Swedish Weaving bell ornament
#5 Perle Cotton, DMC embroidery floss, metallics and beads on Aida cloth
EGA Petite Project by Frieda Carnell

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