Sunday, June 7, 2015

Fish Lips (extra happy dance)

Heeeeey, Fish Lips!

Yeah... I'm talkin' to you....

You're lookin' snappy today... Going anyplace special?  Or just hangin' out?

We're headed down south to a little speck on the map called Oak Island, to help greet the newest guppie to the Graley clan.

It won't be long now.. 30 days and counting!!!

Felt fish trivia:
How many felt pieces does it take to make a five-fish mobile?
10 body pieces + 20 eye pieces + 5 pair of lips + 5 upper fins + 5 lower fins + various gill and scale pieces =  A BOATLOAD (pun intended)

Fish mobile was inspired from Pinterest.  All pieces were hand cut individually (no template), hand sewn with contrasting floche cotton thread, and stuffed with 100% cotton cotton balls.

Happy happy joy joy...

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