Sunday, April 27, 2014

Playing Catch Up


Greetings, friends!  I hope this post finds you well and enjoying the change of seasons.  With several days of rain coming my way, I thought it was time to post some cheery spring pics.

Freshly graduated from my very first photography class, I actually learned what a few of the buttons on my digital camera do... See?  There is the kinda close-up shot (above).
And the really close-up artsy shot (below).

I know --- I'm looking into more classes....
There is absolutely no stitching news to report except that I am already packing for the semi-annual Stitchers Retreat being held this upcoming weekend.  (So exciting!)  
I have however, spotted two new-to-me birds at the feeder this month. 

And secondly, the stunning Summer Tanager which I have not yet convinced to sit still long enough for me to snap a pic..  However, just so your imagination doesn't run wild with possibilities, here is a pic from

 It is the only totally red bird in North America, and silly me did not even know such a thing existed. 


And with that, I'm off to do the official rain dance of my people, a.k.a., wash the car.
Happy stitching, friends!

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