Monday, January 27, 2014

Sweet Savannah


Popping in to share a few of my favorite snaps from my quick trip last week...

The natives were bundled up like Eskimos but hubby and I thought it felt like Spring!  Just a light jacket and we were good to go.

Among other places, we visited the Telfair Academy (Museum) / Jepson Center and had the great fortune of seeing the "Spanish Sojourns: Robert Henri and the Spirit of Spain" exhibition.  Incredible.  Do go if you love Spain, vibrant color, the human spirit, or if you have eyes in your head.  The exhibit departs Savannah in early March...

No stitching on this trip - just sightseeing and lots of good food. 

It's past my bedtime, so until next time - may you be warm, safe and happy, wherever you are.


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