Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Post of Many Titles


Good Morning Friends!

Long time, no see..  February was a 'no-post' month for me and I don't really have a good excuse except I was selected for jury duty and spent a little over a week in a courtroom which totally threw me off my normal routine of things.  Don't worry though - you didn't miss anything exciting.

As I was working on my tartan teacup coaster the other evening, I was thinking about posting this update and many different post titles scrolled through my head.  Here's a few:

The Coaster of Many Colors          Groundhog Day
From Here to Eternity              The Grapes of Wrath
What? This old thing??            #!+%@*(_!!!!!!
One Fine Day                     Why Me Lord?
Fixing the Unbroken       I'd Rather be Playing Solitaire
One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest
Someone, Shoot Me             Hey, Hey, Bartender!                
and some I can't share...

Needless to say, it has been much more of a challenge than I ever anticipated.  Therefore, I've done what every self-respecting needlewoman I know does when faced with these kinds of situations, I've procrastinated.  I have decorated, crafted, baked, gotten lost in Pinterest, played marathon rounds of Solitaire and even cleaned house in order to pretend that I just was too busy to work on my coaster.  Well, now I've HAD IT.  I am on a mission to finish this bad-boy a.s.a.p.  There are too many other things calling for me to stitch for me to keep dragging my feet with this one. 

Here's the latest progress pic...

Round about Christmas, I began giving serious thought to how I was going to finish the edge.  The longer I stitched, the more perplexed I grew.  So, I phoned a friend.  :-))   She made a couple of suggestions that got me thinking it would be much easier to finish if it had straight sides, like a hexagon or octagon.  The more I studied, the more sense it made to convert my original circular shape into anything with straight sides.  So, I've set about re-stitching the edge in order to extend certain areas, converting the curved border into a straight one.  And, it is working - MY LAST NERVE..

In hopes that I'll abandon my bad attitude and "Just Do It" already, I've challenged myself to work on it an hour a day.  That seems to work so well with so many of you who find yourselves in similar situations.

I also plan to post updates more regularly, thus forcing me to stitch so I have something to talk about!

Until then, friends, Keep Calm and Stitch On!


  1. Marnie, Your tartan teacup coaster is beautiful...just keep stitching and it will be finished before you know it!

  2. Your coaster is amazing. Come on now -- I know you can finish this bad boy up and call it a day!