Saturday, November 10, 2012

November??? Really???


Good Saturday Morning to you Friends!

Despite my best intentions, I have been neglecting this here lil blog o'mine but not for no good reason.  It's FALL, which means I've been out stomping thru the woods taking a few foliage pics, spending copious amounts of time decorating and re-organizing everything that isn't nailed down, and more general futzing around than any one person should be allowed to futz.. 

  dining table in her fall colours

Even though I'm closing in on finishing this teacup coaster, it has taken a back seat to other projects lately:

Royal Hunting Stewart tartan plaid teacup coaster

I've even done a bit of sewing on the electrified sewing machine (insert prayer of mercy here)..

new draft dodger for sun room

But if I am 100% honest, I'll tell you that the past few months have been spent trying to recover from losing Carmen.  Hubby and I have both busied ourselves with 'tasks' so as not to have to sit still for too long.  It's been a productive time, but I can't say that either of us were actually doing any 'healing' until this little thing just started showing up at our house about a month ago:

Her real family lives not far from here and keep coming to pick her up, but she keeps coming back.  She really likes Hubby, whom she calls "Bob".  His name isn't Bob, but her name isn't Kitty Sox either.. so I guess everyone is even... Even though Sox and her real family are moving out of state today, she was a sweetie girl to have around for a month and I do believe she has opened my eyes to the possibility of becoming a 'cat person'..  (and as I utter the words, I can hear all my dog friends gasping)..
Hubby and I are off on a short vay-cay today (to sunny Las Vegas Nevada) but I'll pop back in whenever possible to check on all of you.  Thanks again for all the sweet emails, cards and messages about Carmen.  It's been a tough few months, but I think we are about to come out of it. 
Have a great weekend friends,

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