Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday the 13th - Che fortuna!

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It may be Friday the 13th, but it feels like my lucky day.  For just about as long as I've known there was a place called Italy, I've longed to see Venice.  It feels pretty surreal, still, that hubby and I will be sailing down the Grand Canal to reach our hotel today.  

  gondolas near Hard Rock, Venice Italy

For such a small place, there are about 100 things on my "To Do, See, Buy" list.  Glass beads (aka Venetian pearls), Venetian marbled paper, carnivale masks, Hard Rock t-shirts (but of course), and every other tourist-y thing they are all geared up to sell me.  The challenge is always finding the nicest quality without breaking the bank.  Ha!  Who am I kidding - by now I'm sure I am broke as a joke, but I never let that stop me.  :-)

On Sunday, I think we'll visit the neighboring isles of Murano and Burano to see the amazing glass and lace makers, first hand. 

We're told Sunday is a good day to visit Mur-Bur since many tourists assume the shops are closed.  That means that only 300 people rather than 400 will be sharing my personal space.  :-)  Gotta love Europe!

Burano (Venice, Italy)

Naturally, we'll explore St.Mark's square, the basilica  (bas-ill-ee-catta), the Doge's Palace, the Accademy of Art and much much more, but first, perhaps a cafe at the Danieli...

Movie suggestions:  The Tourist (Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie), The Italian Job

On the menu:  since Venice is an island, in a lagoon, lots of fresh fish and fruit are on the menu.  Yum.  Gotta save time for a Peach Bellini at Harry's Bar, the birthplace of the Bellini.

Italian phrase for the day:
  • There are many tourists in Italy = Ci sono molto turisti en Italia.
  • Che bella! = How pretty!

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